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The following WCSRO reports have not been conclusively located using online map and GIS references. If you can provide assistance please submit at the BigfootForums


Strikethroughs have been resolved (presumably) and mapped.
Underlines inconclusively mapped with possibility of error.
All others not located or mapped.
"General" location reports for each Province / Territory also not mapped.
Since the WCSRO reports have been mapped initially with Google Earth rather than DeLorme TopoUSA, and because there are issues with the GPSBabel conversion utility when converting from Google Earth .kml to other file formats, such as DeLorme .an1, the hyperlinks and report dates for the WCSRO reports are not properly displayed in TopoUSA at this time.


    Cresto        Crestomere 52° 40' 05" N 113° 55' 00" W

    Ghost Creek

    Jeff Lake

    Jewel Lake
    Lyell Mountain
    Mount Enfield
    Umbach Camp
    West Lake

    Wolverine Lake    54° 56' 52" N  117° 45' 53" W

    Xavier Trailhead

British Columbia

    Bishop's Cove            Bishop Cove 53°29'00" -128°58'00"
    Broughton Mountain    Broughton Peaks 49N, 125.2167W

    Bower Lake                Borel Lake, Boyer Lake,  Burwell Lake (Inconclusive report)

    Black Bear Lake        Multiple references to Black Bear Creek, also Valley and Ridge, but none found near any apparent RR tracks, as referenced in report.

    Bradbury Creek        Bradburn Creek 50°13'00" 124°24'00"
    Bull Moose Creek    West Bullmoose Creek 55.13333N,121.4833W
    Carbon Head            Carbon Peak 56.05N,122.6333W
    Jackpine Flats            Google reference near Lakelse Lake, so guess, based on surrounding terrain, is approx 54°17'47"N 128°34'26"W
    Loch Borough Inlet    Lochborough Inlet 50°31'00" 125°32'00"

    Lookout Bay            Lookout Point 49°23'00" 123°17'00"
    Morrisey Point        Morrisey, Mount 50.86667N,119.9W

    Osbourne Ridge    Osborne Creek 50°16'00" 114°56'00" There is a ridge to the NE.
    Reddell River        Redwillow River 55°03'00" 120°00'00" Also two Riddell Creeks, but lack a forest to the North, as referenced in report.
    Succor Lake        Succour Lake (3)  57.36667N,125.5833W,  or 51.9N,120.8333W,  51°45'00" 121°19'00"
    Timberline Creek

    Trapper's Lake    Trapper Lake  (2) 58.46667N,132.6333W, or 49.05N,120.4333W
    Vale Creek        Val Creek  49°26'00" 116°43'00"; Vile Creek 56°23'00" 128°25'00"
    Wild Lake        Wilde Lake 55°49'00" 120°54'00"
    Xiann Creek    Xenia Creek? 49°12'00" -118°21'00"    
    Zanzibar Creek
Site location names with more than one possible match. Which is the correct one?

    Blackwater River (No Blackwater River but 5 Blackwater Creeks)
    Brown Lake (found 4 possibilities)
    Cougar Lake (5)
    Chapman Creek (3)       49°26'00" -123°43'00" or 51°02'00" -123°34'00" or 49°45'00" -120°00'00"
    Hidden Lake (14)

    Morris Creek (4)
    Melvin Creek (2)        59°15'00" -133°41'00" or  50°30'00" -122°12'00"
    Pipeline Road (3)        Coquitlam, also Vancouver or Saanich
    Ruby Creek (5)
    Saddle Mountain (2)    50°09'20" -117°53'42" or  57°07'46" -131°37'40"
    Snowshoe Lake (3)     54°57'00" -123°15'00"  or 49°09'00" -114°57'00"      or 49°55'00" -118°11'00"
    Spade Lake (2)            49°51'00" -116°20'00" or 54°24'00" -122°52'00"
    Stoney Lake    (Stony Lake 5)
    Terrace Mountain (2)           54°31'57" -128°34'01" or 50°05'48"  -119°37'34"    

Northwest Territories

    Hatter Creek
    Qa’tgi Creek
    Xember Flow
    Zoo Lake


    Abbot Creek
    Gage Lake
    Harmony Lake
    Horse Lake        (2) 59° 37' 00" N 108° 56' 00" W; also 49° 47' 00" N 102° 25' 00" W;  also Horse Lakes - 51° 23' 00" N 103° 34' 00" W
    Thunder Cub Hills

Yukon Territory

    Gavin Lake     (Possibly Gavin Lake, BC?)
    Quail Lake
    Xavier Creek
    Zachary Creek
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